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Marjutin neuleet tests different things

Niina already mentioned that we went shopping on Saturday. We aimed for three new shops that sell yarn, two of them sell also clothes and hand-made jewellery and one was an actual yarn shop.

Our first stop was Ilo at Iso-Roba 38. (The link leads to the Pemmikaani web site, they keep the Ilo shop with two partners. The shop sells clothes, jewellery and so on as well as wrap baby carriers.) They have started to import Colinette and Patagonia Nature Cotton to Finland. Unfortunately to us (but not to them) the yarns had sold well on fairs and they were expecting more in two weeks.

From Iso-Roba we headed to Kallio. Our first stop was Rosa Matilda at Sakarinkatu 3. It was nice! Rosa Matilda is a knitting studio that also sells Schoppel-Wolle yarns. It was a small place but I liked it and the owner was very nice. She's also planning to expand her selection in yarns, and she also has yarns for machine knitting.

Next we went to Käsityötalo Priima at Hämeentie 26, formerly known as Käsityö- ja tekstiililiike Tuominen. This was the actual yarn shop I mentioned earlier. The Addi needles seemed cheap and the yarn selection was quite nice.

What did I buy? I bet you won't believe this but I only got two balls of sock yarn - and the Regia Silk was on sale, it cost only 1 euro in the odd ball basket in Priima. Way to go! Hooray for me! I almost fell for Gedifra Super Gigante in Priima but they did not have enough of it.

Then an extra test. You know, stitch markers. You can make tem of almost everything: yarn, rubber bands, ear rings, paper clips... And also wine glass markers. Wine glass markers - what a great idea? Anyway, I bought a packet of six at the local Clas Ohlson store (they sell everything from electronics to mobile phone accessories to toys and tools). I never intended to use them as wine glass markers but now I guess I have to.

You would think that wine glass markers would work well as stitch markers, after all, they're both markers and used for marking things. However, the problem with these was either in my way of using them or in the way they were made: of course, the ring was not solid but had a small overlapping section so you could put it around the stem of your wine glass. But what is good for marking wine glasses was not good for marking your knitting: the decorative beads kept falling off from the hole.

Otherwise the wine glass markers could make good stitch markers. They were quite cheap and pretty, light enough not to bother you when you are knitting but big enough to be handled easily.


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