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Greetings from Turku

First of all: I never get carried away. Never.

For example today I did not get carried away. It's my sister's birthday tomorrow and I went to buy her a present. (I can tell about it because she does not read my blog.) She had asked for a portable CD player because her old one broke down, so of course I had to get her one that plays also mp3s (and whose package included software for ripping the mp3s of your own CDs and burning them on a CD). Then I got her some rechargeable batteries (wasn't that smart?).

I also got her a DVD... A DVD? What does a DVD got to do with a portable CD player, you might ask. The answer is "nothing". We tried transferring a copy of a programme from our digi-box to the computer and burning it on a DVD and it happened to be her favourite singer's concert. So, that's a bonus for her. I also got her a bottle of sparkling wine and I promised to buy my little brother (who's age we won't discuss here) a beer because he happens to be visiting, too, and...

Oh, do you want to know how old my sister will be? 20. She's my little sister, two years younger than me, so if she would happen to turn 30 for some reason like people born in 1975 seem to do this year, it would mean that I would be over 30 and that is not acceptable. So, she'll be 20 tomorrow - and I'm 25. I've been 25 for the past years and I will continue to be 25 until I decide otherwise. (Don't ask why she's 20 and I'm 25 when she's only two years younger. I could be 22 just as well, you know.)

I guess you got the point. I never get carried away.

It also applies to yarn. I never get carried away. See:

- on the left: Estonian wool yarn in natural white and two shades of grey (3 euros/150 g skein - cheap!) by Hiiuvill
- in the plastic bags: Fashion Merino by Ornaghi Filati (2 euros / 50 g ball)
- the red and orange skein in the middle: hand-dyed wool from Rintalan tila (8 euros / 100 g if I remember that correctly)
- on the right: Red Dune by Ornaghi Filati in red and beige (3 euros/100 g)

I have to say that the service in Turku is great. When Terhi called me on Friday and said that she is in Piikkopirta and that there are a lot of yarns are on sale, would I like some, I had to say yes. What else could I do? The shop is closed on Saturdays and we were going to the Medieval Market on Saturday. So, I got the Ornaghi Filati yarns anyway thanks to Terhi's virtual shopping service!

The rest of the yarns were from the Medieval Market. Varsinais-Suomen Viro-keskus (The Viro Center of Finland Proper?) had some Estonian knitwear and yarn for sale during the Medieval Market, so of course we had to go there.

The red and orange yarn was the yarn I was looking for. It's from the Rintala farm, they had lovely yarns and some unspun yarn for sale. I got only one skein and I think it will be a scarf. (I also got some sheep salami sausages for Jussi from them.)

This is what we first saw when we entered the market place:

What I liked was that this year we saw a lot of the performances by the 150 amateur actors and actresses. They walked (talked and ran and screamed and shouted and encountered people) among the crowd, so you could see a Swedish guy measuring the measures used by the salesmen or a widow asking the bishop for help for her family.

And there was much rejoicing (also).

If we ever have children...

Oh no, the guy from the first picture is back! No wonder the nuns are so upset.

We missed the lashing of the pirate (but we were told that it wasn't that good) because we were having coffee with Terhi (and Jukka, who was not photographed) and Paula... (That's me on the left, Terhi in the middle and Paula on the right.)

...but did meet Rica in the Viro Center and see the lovely knitwear and yarns.

Oh, do you want to see more yarn? This is from the Honkarinne farm (I did not buy any).

These were plant-dyed right on the spot in the workshops.


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