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What a girl wants

What makes a girl happy? Many, many things.

I walk through the Kampin keskus shopping center/bus station every day on the way to work. They have had a spring happening all week and during that they have given roses to people. This morning I managed to get one.

Jussi went to a meeting in Stockholm and as he had some free time before that, he bought some souvenirs for me from Anntorps Väv. Isn't he the sweetest? This is Colinette Point Five, colour Alabaster.

At work we had the deadline yesterday and I haven't been that busy, so I have entertained myself on eBay. This is my first catch: recycled sari silk from Colourspun Yarns. It's so lovely that I could just look at the three hanks all day.

I also came across the ColourMart UK sale: buy two 150 g cones of cashmir yarn and get one 150 g cone free. It was the last day of the sale, so my fingers moved faster than my thoughts and I got these. Mmm.

Roses, silk, cashmir, handpainted wool, Ice Hockey World Championships... The only thing missing still is Godiva chocolate.


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