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The colours don't match

I had a great idea. I would take two solid yarns and two variegated yarns and knit another triangular scarf (a striped one in which the colours would gradually change), this time as a gift for my Secret Nordic Pal.

But... In the supermarket I was not sure. The variegated blues and greens looked much brighter than the solid blues and greens. Yet I decided to go for it and buy some yarn.

Here's the result (click to enlarge).

The scarf on the right, or the one in the front, the one with the bright variegated green in the middle is the one I knitted first despite my doubts. In the second scarf I reversed the order of the colours so there would be a larger amount of blue in the middle.

Yes, the khaki green screams in the middle, no matter how you take it. I saw it immediately when I took out the yarn at home but still... I had to try it. Silly me. I can't send that to anyone!

And yes, I'm stubborn, I'm a bit foolish, I'm whatever you want to call me after knitting two scarves that don't look good. And no, I don't want to rip and knit a blue scarf of the two blueish yarns. Those scarves remain as they are because they have to remind me of a great idea that turned out to be not so good because the yarn did not have enough colours available - or because the variants of the yarn had colours that did not match anyway.

The yarn? Novita Samos, a cotton and acrylic blend which I otherwise like. (To be exact, the variegated variant is called Novita Samos Lollipop. I guess that's why the colours don't match.)


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