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Belated greetings from Sockholm

I have forgot to mention that Jussi's socks are ready - in fact they have been ready for a week now. To be honest, I did not knit the second sock in Sock... I mean Stockholm, so my apologies for a misleading title (but I did finish the first one there).

The yarn was ONline Supersocke 100 Sierra-effekt in the green colourway.

I knitted the socks on 3 mm needles with 16 stitches on each needle (I used a set of five needles, so that's 64 stitches altogether), and one 100 g ball was enough for a pair of socks. There's still some left. The pattern is the good old "mom, how do you knit socks" basic sock pattern with a reinforced heel.

I liked the yarn, the stripes matched pretty well. Even the toes match, the last few rows did not appear in another color in the other sock like they sometimes do when one stripe decides to start a little bit too early.


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