11.05.2005 | 19:28

Mother's Day and mystery yarn

We celebrated Mother's Day last Sunday and visited my mom and Jussi's mom. They live about 70 kilometres from each other, so it's easy to see both of them on the same day.

Now, the most important question first: which mother has the cutest guest starring blog cat? My mom's cat Huuko on the left and my mother-in-law's cat Takku on the right:

Notice that I did not try to collect points by showing Huuko enjoying the ugly scarves...


Anyway, what's best in visiting my mother-in-law is not her cute cat (it's the second best thing, har har) but the Novita factory outlet on the way. This time there were a lot of mystery yarns in bags (they are weighed beforehand and you pay by the weight, not by the amount of balls). I have no idea of what the yarns are! I guess somebody dug them out from the deepest, darkest corner of a warehouse and put them on sale.

The first yarn is probably a cotton-viscose blend or something similar. It seems to be a bit unclear to Novita as well - see the question mark! ("Mallilanka" means "model/test yarn"). There was also some lilac cotton test yarn but I did not buy it.

Then I got some darker yarns.

If I was to guess, I'd say that the darkest yarn is a cotton blend and the brownish and blueish ones would be wool blends. But don't trust me! I haven't done burn tests (yet).

Then I got yarn on cones. Don't ask me why! I just had to. They called me. Maybe I just want to show off in my blog, so prepare to be impressed!

This cotton-viscose blend is starting to be vintage. Check the date!

The fluffy/fringy white yarns are from France and the variegated one is from Italy (I think). The smaller fluffy cone is dated 12/92, so it's four years younger than the biggest white yarn cone.

The fluffy blue yarn looks like the white one except that it's a bit more shiny. It comes from a different French address, though. The other blue yarn appears to be good old basic cotton.

And no, the yarns are not multicoloured. The reason for the beige flakes is this:

Flaking beige yarn from Italy! Wooooo!

It's got a thin thread with paper-like beige flakes that started falling all over me the moment I opened the bag. No wonder you could not find this yarn from shops. I don't know if it's a feature or a bug or if it just the yarn's age, but just imagine knitting a sweater from this yarn and then following it gradually flake off...

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