08.02.2007 | 21:31

Yarn Hamsters stash reduction project

It's time for the Yarn Hamsters stash reduction project again! My month has started quite well, 8 days of February behind and 20 days to go.

My first finished item was... well, a knitted hamster that looks like a poodle or a polar bear. You'll hear more later. My second finished item is this:

It's a black lace scarf knitted from Novita Kid Mohair on 6 mm needles. The scarf pattern is simple and to spice it up I added the edging from the Litla Hyrna Huldu (Hulda's small scarf) pattern, so I'm knitting in Icelandic again! Actually, I started the Yarn Hamsters month last year by knitting the Litla Hyrna Huldu, so I'm repeating myself... Kind of.

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