28.11.2006 | 20:44


On the left: Icarus shawl, pattern from IK. Knitted from 200 g of Chinese mohair-acrylic blend on 4,5 mm needles (if I remember correctly). The scarf is about 190 cm wide, so it's big and lovely.

On the right: Swallowtail shawl, pattern from another IK. Knitted from 150 g of BBB Contessa Mohair I bought from Tallinn on 6 mm needles. 8 kgs of cat included for scale. I did not knit the last 3-4 rows of the scarf pattern because I ran out of yarn and had to cast off on the last purl row of the edging instead. The Swallowtail shawl is somehat smaller than Icarus but I love it, too (and I need to weave in the yarn ends and block the edging so I can love the scarf even more).

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