29.08.2006 | 19:26

Too many cats or too much yarn?

I've been trying to sell my yarns but still there seems to be a lot of them left. They're in boxes all over the bedroom and the cats (as you saw in the previous entry) love climbing on the boxes and crawling into the boxes if that's possible.

Takku is becoming a good blog cat. He's been our guest star for two months now (and he's going to stay for good because I'm not giving him back) and today he jumped on top of the boxes and... Yep, they fell.

Wanna know what's in the photo? In the top left corner: orange Jaeger Luxury Tweed, black and red silk from eBay (25 g hanks!), below them yarn from China (I got it through a seller on eBay... Yep, eBay again.) - red and black wool, pink wool, pink mohair blend. Then there's some orange merino wool, some odd balls of brown wool, light brown camel hair yarn... On the right some pink and violet banana silk yarn and some recycled sari silk yarn. And that was just one pile of boxes... Two balls of Kidsilk Haze and two balls of golden lurex yarn were not even visible in the photo!

Note: Takku was not hurt.

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