25.06.2006 | 16:29

Midsummer magic

On midsummer I finished two scarves.

This is a small-ish silk scarf, made on 5 mm needles from the 100 grams of handspun silk yarn I got from eBay. The pattern I used was the same as for the pink scarf - or, actually, the leaflet has patterns for two scarves. For the pink scarf I used pattern A and for this red scarf I used the first lace pattern and the edging from pattern B. As some of you might recall, the pattern is from Martinas bastel- und hobbykiste.

The scarf is not very big, it just about covers my shoulders, but it's soft and romantic and I love the red colour.

The second scarf was crocheted with Solomon's Knots.

The scarf turned out to be about 180 cm wide and it took a whole 50 grams of Fyberspates mohair yarn in colour Licorice. I crocheted some chain stitch arches as an edging because they look so pretty and also attached some beads I got from Villihelmi.

Beads and I... Well, I broke two beads because my needle was too big for some of the beads (for the most beads it was OK) and I pushed too hard. However, I think the beads look nice and sparkle beautifully in the sun - but I do not recommend pulling beads back and fort in mohair yarn because the mohair yarn doesn't quite seem to like it.

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