18.06.2006 | 20:37

The scarf ist fertig

The scarf made of eBay silk with a German pattern is now ready! It took about 450 grams of silk yarn on 5 mm needles and became fairly large, just fine for wrapping around me. I just love the V shape and the fit it gives (if scarves can fit you, that is), seems like the scarf really stays well on your shoulders. Yep, I'm shaped like a bottle, everything falls down my shoulders.

(Cats included for scale.)

Actually, I did not have enough yarn. I had to leave out the last row of the lace pattern but I think it doesn't matter that much. Also a note from the editor: in the pictures the scarf is pre-blocking.

And to recap: the yarn was from an ebay seller Silk Route and the scarf pattern was from Martina's Bastel- und hobbykiste.

Lastly, here's a bonus picture on Frank melting away on this hot summer Sunday.

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Very beautiful!