16.05.2006 | 21:32

With sound effects


This is a knitting bee with a bonus: a pom-pom maker. I got this from my LYS Menita (6,50 e). I just had to buy it because it was such a silly gadget. I do think that the pom-pom maker will be more useful than the knitting bee that just makes i-cord. Meters and meters of i-cord. More and more i-cord...

Then oooohhh, aaaaaahhh and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... And yaaaawwwwnnn.

This is a souvenir from Hema. She went to Stockholm and got this for me! For me! Colinette Mohair in lovely cotton candy colours for me!

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Kommentit - Comments

Oh, what a funny Flick group! :)

I have no plans for the yarn yet, it was a complete surprise. I have three hanks, so most likely the yarn wants to be a (lace) scarf. I just don't know if that would be a triangular scarf or a shawl.

Oh my goodness, that picture is too funny. There is a flickr group for yawning cats http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=yawning+cat, you should submit one, it is definitely a keeper.

The cotton candy yarn looks cool, what are you going to make with it?