12.01.2006 | 19:30

Visiting Studio Himalaya

You get all kinds of ideas from the Finnish knitting mailing list...

I had first came across Studio Himalaya via another message from the mailing list and I think I probably visited their web site when I looked for information on pashmina scarves. They were located in another part of Helsinki then.

Now you can find Studio Himalaya in Töölö, near the Stadion. I went there before Christmas because I had the time as I was on sick leave. First I noticed the buttons, lovely buttons made of horn and I think there were also wooden buttons. There were scarves, post cards, handmade paper...

Then I went downstairs and this waited for me:

On the left thick handspun wool yarn from Tibet that called to me (53 euroa a kilogram). On the right silk yarn... The wool yarn comes in lovely colours and also in white (that's cheaper than the coloured yarn but I forgot the exact price). The yarn is suitable for dyeing and felting. The silk yarn only comes in white in case you want to dye it yourself.

There was also alpaca in a few shades of brown on 1 kg cones (80 euros/kg). 80 euros for a cone was a a tiny wee bit over my budget so I decided to skip that.

The lady was very nice and friendly. I left home with some orange and red yarn - but what else can you do after the balls just jump on your lap and the lady says that "those are just your colours!"?

She also showed me the colour samples. If you order 5 kgs of yarn, you can get it in, for example, one of these colours.

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