30.01.2006 | 20:07

One two three many things

Knitting lessons

My colleague Hema is learning at an amazing speed. Today she showed me what she has knitted (wow!) and learned the purl stitch and how to increase and decrease. I'm not that good a teacher, she's a fast learner!


I'm a such a bad godmother. Our goddaughter was christened yesterday and named Aino Elina. I did not knit anything for her! Shame on me! I will make this up to her. She's such a sweet child... (But no, do not expect baby news from us.)

Cora the Cardigan

I finished Cora yesterday. Almost. I still need to re-attach one sleeve because it does not look nice but otherwise I would consider this cardigan done.

What am I wearing?

Mermaid tagged me with a meme. I will tell you what I am wearing when I get this meme and pass it on to five people.

Well, I am wearing a white t-shirt that says "Federal Law Enforcement Training Center", I got it as a present from my American pen friend when she trained there. I like to wear it at home.

I am also wearing black Adidas jogging pants, black socks and the meowing cat slippers (just like the ones Nanna the Domestic Goddess also bought) and pink underwear by Gossard.

Once again, I'm boring and never manage to pass these on, so if you want to answer, consider yourself tagged!

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