09.01.2006 | 16:00

Not online

During the blogging break I have been expanding my horizon and familiarised myself with some new medias. I have found such inventions as "radio", "television" and "book". Amazing!

For example, "television" is a lot like the Net because you see it from the screen. However, instead of a keyboard and a mouse a television is operated by a thingy called "the remote control". It has less buttons than a keyboard because a television has less pages than the Net. The first pages are almost logically called "TV1", "TV2", "MTV3" and "Television Four". By the way, the pages in television are called "channels" and there are more of them, for example "MTV" and "Sports Channel". Television also has the interesting feature that when you surf back to a page... channel, its contents may have changed completely (instead of just being a little updated) and you see something completely different on the screen.

"Radio" is completely different from the Net, it has no picture and you can only listen to the sound. In that matter it's much like a mp3 player. You do not need to transfer files to a radio, though, but you cannot choose the music you want to listen to and sometimes some people start babbling about something.

"A book" is a wonderful invention! It also has pages like the Net but they load immediately. You have to update the pages with your hands, that is, "turn the page", but the speed is in a league of its own. Even books with a lot of images load fast and the content is visible right away. Books are also interesting because their content is presented in a completely different order than in blogs: you get to the newest thing gradually because it's at the end and not on the top as in blogs.

Confusing. How very confusing.

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