11.01.2006 | 17:34

Back again!

We got the Internet connection yesterday morning, so I am back! Here's a recap to what has happened meanwhile.

Hyrna Herborgar

The Hyrna Herborgar scarf is ready. This is not old news, I finished it on Monday. I used about 275 grams of Lana Grossa Tusshena and the finished scarf is probably one third larger than the scarf in the pattern.

The pattern is from the book Þrihyrnur og langsjöl -which I ordered from the Icelandic Skólavörubúðin book store. There's also a version with an English translation in a separate booklet available from Schoolhouse Pressistä. I cannot remember where I saw the scarf first (somewhere when I was surfing the net) but now the lessons in Icelandic gave me the inspiration to order the book.

Here's the scarf before blocking with assorted felines.

The Lankahamsterit project begins again!

Last weekend I dug out all the bags and boxes that contained yarn and entered each ball and skein to an Excel file. The result... Well, I have enough yarn. Luckily Kristel has organised the Lankahamsterit month again, during which we are not allowed to buy any yarn but to knit from stash yarns and the one who uses the most yarn from her stash is rewarded - with yarn. Luckily February is also the shortest month of the year.

To celebrate that, here are pictures of the finished Hyrna Herborgar scarf.


Frank is still beigh force-fed antibiotics but he is getting better. Frank still yells and sprays and our guests have enjoyed the "give the cat a pill" and "catch the cat and take him to the litter box" performances, but I think he's not doing that as much as he used to.


How am I then? I returned to work on Monday and so far I have had the chance to take it easy, so we'll see how this goes.

Coming up

A report from Studio Himalaya.

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Kommentit - Comments

Takk kærlega for the detailed info :-). Áslaug is indeed my friend and yes, she is great! Skemmtu þér vel í kúrsinum!

Hello and takk fyrir! I have to say that all the Icelandic scarves in the book are lovely, I'd like to knit them all. I study Icelandic at the Työväenopisto in Espoo and our teacher is called Áslaug. She's great! I really like her.

When it comes to yarn shops, I think you have already found the best ones, Menita on Korkeavuorenkatu and Priima on Hämeentie. There are still some: Sypressi in Kiseleffin basaari (Aleksanterinkatu 28/Unioninkatu 27) near Senaatintori sells mostly wool yarns. It's a lovely place! In the center there's also FiinaNeule in Kamppi (Frederikinkatu 42), that's a fairly new shop so I don't know much about it. You could also drop by in Studio Himalaya in Töölö near the stadion (Savilankatu 1 b) and see if they have any handspun Tibetian wool yarns. (They're affordable, 53 euros / kg and there were balls in different colours and sizes.)

If you go to Priima you could also stop by at Hakaniemen halli near Hakaniemi metro station and go to Vihreä Vyyhti on the second floor. Near Priima there's also Neulestudio Rosa Matilda (Sakarinkatu 3), it's a cute small place where Rosa sells knitwear and Schoppel-Wolle yarns.

If you still travel eastwards to Itäkeskus, you can find Lanka-Vakka on Hansasilta. If you travel west and come to Espoo, we have Neuletikki in Tapiola (Kaupinkalliontie 7). It's also a nice place. Of course, if you continue to west, there's also the Menita Outlet in Soukka at the Soukka shopping center.

There's also the Novita factory shop in Lauttasaari if you like the Finnish Novita yarns (though you cann buy them in supermarkets also), it has recently moved a little to Vattuniemenkatu 20.

Hopefully I did not forget any yarn shops! Have fun shopping!

Hi! I bumped into your blog and just wanted to say that your scarf is really beautiful. I just thought it was so funny reading that you are taking lessons in Icelandic and knitting from an Icelandic pattern book. I happen to be from Iceland, but live in Helsinki! And it could very well be that my friend was teaching you Icelandic. Small world.

Anyways, I was wondering if you perhaps can recommend some yarn stores in Helsinki? I know about the big one in Korkeavuorenkatu, and one in Hämeentie, but otherwise I don't know anything about the knitting world in Finland. I'd really appreciate some hints :-)