14.12.2005 | 16:46


Surprise #1: A donation from Marja

I got two letters in mail yesterday. The first one I'm going to tell you about was from Marja and it included these:

A pair of mittens in a lovely shade of blue and a pair of socks in a lovely shade of green - and a cute striped hat (it makes me smile every time I see it, it's so cheerful). Thank you so much! I'll see that the mittens, socks and cap find a good home.

Surprise #2: A gift from my Hemmelig Ven

I got the Hemmelig Ven Christmas present from Marit in Norway. She had made me a knitting needle roll (very useful), a crocheted flower pin (very trendy) and wooden gingerbread men (very funny and cute). I just love the gingerbread men! Thank you, Marit! This was a lovely surprise.

Surprise #3: I'm on sick leave

Surprise surprise: I'm on sick leave until Christmas. Briefly put I needed a time-out from work and the doctor told be to go on a sick leave and do things I enjoy doing. So, you'll see plenty of knitting here!

Then something that was not a surprise

My colleagues got their gifts today and liked them. Now I can reveal that the pink Faroese scarf is called Annika like my colleague. Everyone should have a scarf by the same name, don't you think?

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