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Mysteries and obsessions

Mysteries and thank yous

I got a mysterious letter that appeared to be sent from Helsinki. In it were these lovely striped socks! Hopefully the thanks reach the donator this way, there was no name included so I do not know who to thank personally. Thank you very very much!

I also got these from Sanna. Thank you for the lovely caps and mittens! The card was also funny - it's good so see that people read my blog.


Inspired by Ninni, Martsuli asked if we have any knitting-related obsessions. Yes, I do!

- I buy yarn.

Lana Grossa Tusshena, colours Pink, Lila, Schilfgrün, and Ziegelrot, and a free gift Lana Grossa Veneto from Seasonstore, September/October

Whenever I see sale yarn or cheap yarn I check the material and if it's mostly natural fibres, I most likely fall for it. Unlike Karoliina, I do not need to have an image of the knitted item in my head because I think that the yarn tells me what it wants to be. (I buy a lot from the net also, that's when you cannot get an image in your head that well.) It would be smart to have an image, it would probably save me from a lot of impulse shopping - or not. Often when I see yarns they tell me what they want to be and come home with me.

These yarns wanted to be Christmas gifts. In the bag I have some balls of Hjertegarn Rivi which is mainly acrylic, but they looked so soft and cuddly and waited for me in the sale shelf in Neuletikki last Thursday

Peeking below Rivi you can see some Silkegarn. Yes, also on the sale shelf in Neuletikki. Half the price! 100% silk! They want to be a Lavold-ish cardigan.

- What the cats would call as an obsession is that they are supposed to be not allowed to chew yarn. They haven't quite understood that yet. They think they are allowed to do it because it's fun.

- I like to finish what I started as I aim for the finished item and something I can wear. I do like designing but finishing gives the biggest kicks. (Buying yarn gets really close to that, though.) That's why I like thick yarn and thick needles, things go faster then. I do fall for thin yarns at times as well as I like lace knitting and knitting lace scarves. (However, I do not always finish what I started...)

Top: Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4 ply, colour Radiant; bottom: Rowan Polar, colour Blackcurrant. From Celticove clearance yarns, November

- I like to knit for Jussi and I make him wear things I knitted at least once. I think he prefers socks. He keeps on losing the caps. The sweaters are mostly too hot for him. When I knit for someone else or for myself I'm constantly worried about the length of sleeves and I tend to make them too long as I cannot help believing that the sleeves hardly reach to your wrist. (I like longer sleeves, though.)

- Did I mention that I buy yarn? I also buy books. I like pattern books and I think I aim at buying each and everyone of them. I also like traditional knits, so I think I aim at buying every book on the subject as well... Or that's what it looks like. I want to learn about the history of knitting and the traditional knits on different areas.

- What comes naturally from the previous obsession is that I love coloured and fairisle knitting! I just don't do it that much myself. I wonder why.

- My dream is to design the Ultimate Sweater. It's most likely a cabled sweater with the very best cables combined in an elegant way and it would cause ooohs and aaahs everywhere. Too bad I'm noweher near accomplishing that. I think I never will. But if I will, it could be knitted of a tweed yarn...

Top: Rowanspun 4 ply, colour Sugar; bottom: Rowanspun Aran, colour Gables, from Colourway sale in November

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