19.09.2005 | 18:54

Rock you like a hurricane

I bet you know the song Rock you like a hurricane by The Scorpions.

I sat on the sofa watching So 80's on VH1 and decided to finally start the sleeves of the Vöyri sweater. I had already made some progress and as I started on the last row of ribbing, the song started. I decided to time my knitting. Do you know how long it took to knit onw row, 32 stitches on four needles? I'll tell you.

Do you know the part where Klaus Meine shouts "Rock you like a hurricane" before the guitar solo? Yep, that long. Why? This is why: it's corrugated ribbing. I do not like it. I've knitted four rows of it and I do not like it.

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