06.07.2005 | 11:47

Show and tell: new Novita autumn yarns

Celebrating sister's birthday + visiting mother-in-law = new yarn. (And a guest starring blog cat, my mother-in-law's cat Takku and a confession: no pictures of my mom's cat Huuko this time. Shame on me, I forgot!)

I did take a picture of my sister and brother, though. Here they are enjoying cold drinks (yes, the picture is dark, I meant not to edit it).

Visiting relatives is actually very convenient. My mother and Jussi's mother live about 50-60 kilometres away from each other and in-between there is the service station in Koria that has the Novita shop-in-shop and of course we stop there every time. (I've told you about this place before.)

There are smaller service stations that sell only fuel and car supplies, but the bigger ones can really be called service stations because they have a lot of... err... services there. For example you can buy a food (the food store is a store or a shop, not just a couple of shelves with some expensive bread, butter, sausages and milk) or have a big pizza or a hamburger.

At some service stations you can go to a book store, buy dishes (plates, cups, mugs, bowls) or huge bags of sweets in wholesale price or just souvenirs... and some service stations sell yarn. This one in Koria has the Novita factory outlet as a shop-in-shop, it moved to a better location about a year ago and it's open 24 hours a day!

The Novita autumn yarns had arrived to the shop. Here's a camera phone sneak preview for you (I think not all shops in Finland carry these yarns yet, at least I haven't seen them in the local supermarkets yet):

In the bargain bags were mostly yarns with high acrylic content: HipHop, Maxima, Rustica...

This is the new Novita Tango Fani, an eyelash yarn. Yes, you pronounce "Fani" like you pronounce "Funny" as in Sandnesgarn Funny.

New colours of Hippy. I like the colours but I do not like the high acrylic content (80%) of the yarn.

New colours of Teddy.

Old colours (white, grey, red) of Huopanen on the left in the picture, new colours on the right. This is the yarn that felts.

This is a brand new yarn Aino, 100% wool. Hooray for wool!

I have a theory. Here's some evidence to support it: Aino is Huopanen with a superwash treatment so it won't felt.

So, what did I get? Aino in blue (because Jussi said it matches the colour of my eyes, I would have gone for red again otherwise) and two test balls of the new variegated Isoveli Colori in two different colourways.

You can also find the autumn's colour chart from Novita's web site.

Oh, and here's a picture I snapped on the way back home. I love my camera phone!

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Kääk, mä en tiennyt, että menet tuonne. Muuten olisit saanut toivomuslistan ja euroja mukaan multa. :S

Kivoilta näyttää. Miltä tuo Aino tuntuu? Onko se pehmeää?