04.05.2005 | 19:25

World Wide KIP Day

There will be a World Wide KIP Day on June 11th. I guess we'll have to take over Espoo then...?

Yep, I'm being brief today - and now back to watching ice hockey. The Finland - Sweden game will start in 1,5 hours! I have the cat treats ready... (That's Jussi in the photo, though.)

What, cat treats? Yes. Every time Finland scores a goal, the cats get a treat. That's a deal Frank & I made years ago and now Mini and Maxi are somehow included. Except that when I came home today Mini had dragged the scarf I'm knitting from the variegated Nalle Colori and dropped about a hundred stitches. See, I got back to knitting anyway!

And yes, when I stop knitting today I'll hide the scarf from the cats if I cannot finish it.

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