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The Jedi Master of Bunny Tails

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

The Bunny was born. It had no eyes, no mouth, and it was limp. Yet it had to meet strange creatures from another worlds and The Bunny started to think that there was more to life than being cast aside. It wanted more than a boring bunny life.

Suddenly the Force took The Bunny on a long, wet, spinning journey. It learned new skills as the Force was strong, and The Bunny also become stronger. The Bunny realised that it was able to see and talk.

The Bunny said: "Take me to the planet Tampere in the Pirkanmaa galaxy and arrange me a spaceship that will take me to a far away planet called Oulu that is located in the star system of Northern Finland."

But the Jedi Master of Bunny Tails, Jussi-Wan Katajalaobi said: "Be patient, young bunnywan. You must wait and train your bunny skills of looking cute and wiggling your tail. But... Wait. You have no tail. You are not a bunny yet." After that The Jedi Master of Bunny Tails took his light saber... err... needle and in a whisk The Bunny had a tail.

Soon after that it was time to begin the long, dangerous journey through strange worlds to go where no bunny has gone... Ooops, sorry, wrong movie! The Bunny travelled in Spaceship Sophie to Tampere,

where it changed the vehicle and finally arrived in Oulu after midnight. On its way it started its Bunny-empire as everyone who saw it wanted to have an own bunny - and so will it be. Together The Bunny(s) and its new Master(s) will rule the world as... The Bunny(s) and the Master(s).

The Cast

Legs a.k.a The Bunny a.k.a The Red Bunny - Red Novita Huopanen on 8 mm needles

Spaceship Sophie - 120 grams of Elotroi Maali on 6 mm needles (measurements before felting: bottom 15x35 cm, height 27 cm, strap 93 cm and after felting 12x26 cm/19 cm/70 cm)

The Jedi Master of Bunny Tails, Jussi-Wan Katajalaobi - my husband

The sane part of this entry, I hope

Ahem. Yes. My colleagues and I went to Tampere on a business trip and I had to rush back to see the premiere of Star Wars Episode III. Before the trip I knitted and felted a Legs bunny for my colleague's daughter Ada, and I also made a felted cat toy for another colleague's cat Moilanen. Now I have to make another cat toy and some more bunnies!

So, a project is ending and a new one is beginning and to celebrate that we had dinner at a restaurant that was - gasp! - next to a brand new yarn shop Vilmiinan Villapuoti. Of course I had to go and here's what I got: Blue Sky organic cotton in light watery green. I was able to find the time between dinner and running to the railway station: skip the desert, go buy yarn and then run!

By the way, I would have made it by a later train that would have been in Helsinki at 19.56. The movie was scheduled to start at 20.00 but they showed 15 minutes of commercials and trailers before it anyway (I knew that). However, my husband is more likely a little bit early, so the tension of being late on purpose would probably have caused him a stroke or something...

PS. Talking about husbands... He insisted that the bunny must have a tail and I said "Go ahead, make the tail" and so he did. Isn't he the best? He also likes Star Wars more than I do, I'm more of a Star Trek girl myself.

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Kommentit - Comments

Jag är glad att du tyckte om garnet och Dumle! :-) Ha en skön sommar också!

Hej Marjut, många tack för det fina garnet! Jag har aldrig sett lin och ull i samma garn, jättespännande! Jag tog med en härva till mitt stickcafé, och där "såg" jag plötsligt framför mej hur det skulle bli till en Möbius-sjal!

Och så ett tack för Dumlepåsen, Choklad-dumle finns inte i Sverige, tyvärr! Jättegott!
Nu ska jag läsa vidare i din blog! Ha en skön sommar! Elisabeth i Linköping