09.05.2005 | 19:18

Thanks to my NHV#3!

Last Friday I got a box full of goodies from my Secret Nordic Friend number 3, Birgitte from Denmark. There was no yarn and nothing directly knitting-related, but anyway, look what I got:

Felted flowers! Scented candles! And, of course, when you have candles you need matches. The soft boxes on the right contain matches - and here's another connection: one match box is covered with koala fabric and the bag contains ecological chocolate with a koala on the label. (Yummy! We already ate the rest of the candy, by the way.) By the way, I love koalas, they look so cuddly and cute. Oh, and there are also two small notebooks.

The a chance to broaden my horizons: paper and instuctions for folding (may I call that origami?), some materials for card-making, beads and sequins and... a small cross-stich kit.

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