25.04.2005 | 20:17

Springtime maintenance

Now I've had my nails done (well, okay, I do that on a regular basis) and today I had my hair done. I could not decide on the colour so I went for several... Here's a "look, Anne, more sunflowers" shot:

Also, as if to celebrate my new look (and to comfort me if an important meeting tomorrow is not a success) I got this:

That's one skein of handpainted 100% silk fingering weight yarn from No No Kitty Yarns in 'The Flying Ballet' colourway. I got it really fast, or it seems so: I asked for a cheap shipping and expected to get the skein in maybe four or six weeks.

I got the yarn in ten days! Danielle was also very kind and checked for a cheap shipping just for me. I'm so happy! Happy happy joy joy!

Frank says it should be Yes Yes Kitty Yarns.

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