01.08.2007 | 14:32

Sleepless nights

- This entry contains complaints. -

I'm tired. I cannot sleep. I stay up until four o'clock in the morning. If I was creating fabulous patterns for Ulla, I could understand myself, but I'm not. What's bothering me, then?

Work starts again next week.
My project at the customer's premises will be boring and as the office moved, I cannot join my colleagues for lunch. I guess I'll die of boredom and loneliness soon. Also, the coffee from a coffee machine costs 25 cents!

My Visa card details are stolen.
I've been pondering a mysterious payment since June and yesterday I got the information: someone called Svetlana had paid her flights from Tallinn to Prague on Midsummer wth my Visa card details! 433,73 euros! The card is now cancelled and I have to wait a week for a new one, also I need to send a written reclamation saying that I will not pay for that. I have Svetlana's e-mail, address and phone number - if she really lives in Beijing, that is... Now I just wonder from where she got my card details.

(Edit) My brand new 2 GB Securde Digital memory card broke down in Dublin.
I lost about 150 photos from the castle, Jameson and Angus Young's guitar. If you can recommend a freeware or commercial program for fixing the corrupted jpg files, I'd be most grateful.

But, so I would not only complain, JungleJane has nominated me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger! Ta-dah! Thank you! I get to nominate five more girls but I think I'll return to that when I feel more rested.


Also, I do have a couple of ideas for Ulla and I have been browsing my sttch pattern books looking for the right stitch patterns.

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