09.08.2007 | 18:55

How my knitted items are born... and how they die

Take one cat. Take the cat to the vet to have its mole removed. Realise that a plastic cone round his neck would not prevent the cat's brother from licking the wound. Manage not to buy a footie and pimp my footie for the cat. Decide to knit a cat tube at 9 PM.

Measure the cat. Draw schematics. © the engineer of the house.

Realise that wool is an inappropriate material in this temperature. Discover that the amount of cotton in the stash is very small. Dig up a bag with some odds and ends of Novita Tennessee, 100% mercerised cotton, that never turned into anything. Pick a colour.

- Jussi, green, white, pink or beige?
- Beige.

Let the cat himself test the selected yarn.

Start with the tube. Measure at times and adjust the plan. Forget about the schematics. Adjust the plan further and try to knit it according to the cat and the well-working Stetson-Harrison method. Finish the tube at 00.30.

Dress up the cat after the operation.

Discover the next day that Tennessee streches and add some elastic band to the collar to keep the tube in place. Discover the following day that despite the elastic band the cat can manage to pull out one front paw of the tube but not the other.

Discover also that Tennessee does not handle well the scratching of the teeny-weeny nails, the nibbling of the teeny-weeny teeth and the licking of the coarse tongue.

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