02.07.2007 | 18:36

Gorgeous yarn

(These yarns definitely deserve an own post.)

Picture a scale measuring the gorgeousness of yarn (softness, strechiness, lustre, colours, all possible things). Picture giving points for yarn. Easily tangling, easily pilling acrylic yarns that have dull colours, make an awful noise on your needles, do not keep you warm in the winter and make you sweat in the summer would score the lowest points, maybe even minus points. The highest points would be for Noro, Colinette and silk and alpaca lovelies and their buddies that are the fireworks of different colours and luxury materials, such yarns you would buy a poolful of so that you could just go and roll in the yarn. Of course, there would be something for everyone on that scale.

On that gorgeousness scale these would score top points:

...just because Juuli has spun them herself. I bow humbly in front of her.

Please note the professional "this is mine" grasp.

Jussi: Did you notice the horses that went by when you were looking at yarn?
Marjut: What horses?
Jussi: Luckily I took pictures for you.

That is, these horses. Ahem. And these are mine: silk and wool blend and sock yarn as well as some wool yarn. Don't you think that the sock yarn on bottom right beats Colinette signle-handed? On the background some brownish wool yarn I bought from Rintalan tila after being exposed to Satu. I am so easy.

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