04.07.2007 | 22:07

Can't escape the memes

Jussi tagged me.

1) Name three of your favourite animals.

According to Jussi, "a boring and self-evident reply would be Mini, Maxi and Frank", so I say Mini, Maxi and Frank. If you're not supposed to name certain animals, I'd say cat, dog and sheep, because I am boring and self-evident.

2) If you could be an instrument in a song, what instrument would you be and in which song?

I would be the electric guitar in the AC/DC song Highway to Hell. I do not know why because I don't like AC/DC that much and there are many, many, many better and catchier guitar riffs starting from Stairway to Heaven and Smoke on the Water. Actually, at the moment I cannot remember how the guitar riff in HIghway to Hell goes...

3) If your writing would be a building, what kind of a building would it be?

My writing would be a half-built skyscraper. It's new and ambitious and fine but these days they just don't make buildings the way they used to do... (An interesting metaphor, isn't it?)

Seven facts about me

Pilvi tagged me.

1. I am 163,5 cm tall. The average height of a Finnish woman is 164,5 cm.
2. The average weight of a Finnish woman is 65 kg. I used to weight 65 kg. I do not do that anymore. Ahem.
(Note from the editor.: Statistics provided by the Internet. There's no guarantee of them being correct.)
3. I am patient, but when I have enough, that's it then. There's no return.
4. I stand for justice and equality. I get upset, for example, if from the very same thing one person gets bad feedback and the other does not. Those things haunt me for a long time.
5. When I get mad, I stay mad. I like to think of all possible ways to get even and have my revenge, however, only in my head and if I actually ever got the chance, I guess I couldn't do anything about it anyway.
6. I am bad at playing strategy games. My brother was not very old when he started winning our chess games. That must be because I am too lazy to think of things in advance or to think ahead and be prepared for all the possible scenarios. To me things just are the way they are.
7. I try to avoid food and drink sweetened with aspartame. That's a principle. I want sugar.

Also, I'm not tagging anyone. Just grab this if you like.

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