03.07.2007 | 19:06

A-hem, a-hem!

I have an announcement. A-hem, a-hem! May I have your attention, please!

Sometimes I do get lucky! Despite my general bad luck in lotteries, I won in Koukuttaja's blog raffle (wild waves!) and the prize arrived today. It included (note the past tense) delicious chocolate by Fazer and Malaco's Truly Juicy sweets that disappeared in about three seconds without leaving a trace. There were also two lovely brooches that will most certainly taken into use. Thank you so much!

The green brooch would go with this...

...my beige Novita Olivia cardigan that I recently finished. It took about 700 grams of yarn and the result was good, the sleeves just streched out a little in the first wash. The pattern is my own, a basic raglan with waist shaping and bell sleeves. I'm actually surprised how well I managed to achieve the symmetrical X shape: the narrowest part of the waist is just halfway between armholes and the bottom edge and the narrowest part of the sleeve is just halfway between the start of the raglan decreases and the cuff.

Mystery Stole 3 is also making progress, here's the situation yesterday.

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ohh that brooch is so pretty! :)

ohh that brooch is so pretty :)