14.06.2007 | 20:48

Colleagues know best

Happened earlier

Colleague (on a business trip in Vaasa): I'm yarn shopping and there's some angora yarn that is definitely your colour, like berry pudding. Should I get you some?
Marjut: Oh... How much is it?
C: A bit over seven euros per ball.
M: It's a bit expensive... Maybe not this time.

Happened today

Marjut (walks into a yarn store in Vaasa): Oh, what is this? Seven euros per ball?


Marjut: I did buy the yarn you called me about.
Colleague: What did I tell you!

The berry pudding coloured yarn is Jaeger Angoraspun from Lanka-aitta, some 7 euros per 20 g ball, 70% angora and 20% wool, I got all three balls. The red yarn is Phildar Nanette, also from Lanka-aitta, 50% wool, 40% angora and 10% polyamide, a bit over 3 euros per 10 g ball (on 40% sale), I got 10 balls altogether. I did not find anything from the Vöyrin käsityöliike that's located almost next door. Its selection was bigger than in Lanka-aitta and I did spot an angora yarn there as well (20 euros per 20 g ball, and I think it was by Marks & Kattens) but this time the angora yarns in Lanka-aitta called me so loudly that I actually went back and got the red yarn after lunch.

We thank: good company (tack så mycket, Eva!), the time available for yarn shopping and lunch, the good location of the yarn shops (both on Kauppapuistikko 16 near the market place) and the colleagues who give out names to one another.
We do not thank: the plane that left at 6.40

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