03.03.2007 | 22:28

If you've got no plans, knit socks

The Yarn Hamsters stash reduction month ended on Wednesday and we had the knitting meet-up on Thursday, so what can you do? Grab a ball of sock yarn, lose the ball band on the way, forget to print the pattern you had in mind and start a pair of toe-up socks and make the up as you go.

- Hey, what? I'm the one who's supposed to wear white socks here!

I think I will call those The Perfect Strangers socks. I've been singing it for three days now! It's the song that made me fall for hard rock - it was a winter night, I sat on the back seat of my father's car as we waited for something (I cannot remember what) and Perfect Strangers played on the radio. Now I keep on surprising Jussi by singing along (quietly, because I cannot sing) whenever the song's on the radio. I cannot help it.

And now this happened. I have to stop watching the Finnish Idols! This one's much better than the Dream Theater version. Here's also the original Deep Purple version, by the way, so you can compare. May I sing again?

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