21.03.2007 | 09:28

How was your day, dear?

Espoo, Leppävaara. Bed time yesterday.

Jussi: A [guest star] gave a talk at work today. He talked about the scripts of your mind.
Marjut: You mean that if you think negative thoughts, you most likely do not succeed and if you think positive thoughts, you most likely succeed? That guy apparently used a metaphore he thought you engineers can relate to.
J: Yeah, and Helsinki does not exists, it's just a social agreement.
M: Right, many things are social conventions - and for that you pay a lot of money. I could have come and told you all that.
J: Life is like yarn, you have to wind it and sometimes it ends. Sometimes it's soft unless you accidentally felt it. Life does not have a ball band, though, so you do not know what it consists of, if it's artificially made or natural...

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