06.03.2007 | 20:55

Eats shoots and leaves?

- I would like to point out that I, too, have white socks.

The socks are making progress slowly but surely. I still haven't decided on how long the cuff will be. Perhaps a little longer than now... I'll have to see what pleases my eye.

I also feel like a panda bear... And no, I don't have a bad make-up day. It's this:

Those are Novita's new bamboo yarns. On the left, 1 kg of Olivia (70% bamboo, 30% acrylic) from the yarn shelf of the local supermarket and on the right 300 g of Bambu (68% bamboo, 32% cotton) Jussi bought for me from the Novita factory outlet in Koria last Sunday. They're soft and lovely and pink! Me likey!

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