18.02.2007 | 17:29

Yarn! More yarn! And some more yarn!

Wait a minute, shouldn't this be the stash reduction month? Why does all this yarn keep coming? Let me explain.

On the left, red Anteprima by Filati Bertagna. That I ordered in December from a Canadian seller on Ebay and it took the yarn two months to get here. I hoped it would be close enough to Emmebi Vogue mohair yarn so I could finally finish my Flower Basket Shawl. It wasn't. It's a lovely red, but it's thinner and loopy. Well, it would have been too good a surprise, had it been a suitable substitute yarn.

So, my FBS is still a WIP and I still call for help and yarn. Annash was very kind and tried to look for one more ball of Emmebi Vogue in Tallinn for me, but to no avail. I really appreciated that! So, if you happen to have one ball of Emmebi Vogue or Filati Baronesse mohair* in red, I'd be happy to buy it. (The yarn is 40% mohair, 40% dralon, 20% wool).

*Please note that Filati Baronesse is not the same yarn as Baronesse Mohair that is on sale, for example, in Lankakori.

The yarn in the middle is pink Garnstudio Silke-Alpaca. What can you do when the yarn shop keepers start e-mailing you? Just reply and say "please send me yarn".

The whole thing started last autumn when I e-mailed the Garnstudio Suomi yarn shop saying "I'd like to buy one ball of Alpaca in every shade you have or you will get in the near future". We, the participants of the Finnish Secret Pal 2006, wanted to buy a gift for the hostess Kristel and while we waited anxiously for the new shades to arrive so we could get as much yarn as possible, we exchanged a few (ahem) e-mails. I happened to be in Genova when the yarn was given to her and missed the highlights - but my, it was fun to spend a lot of other people's money on yarn!

In January Katja from Garnstudio Suomi e-mailed me and asked if I still wanted more shades of Alpaca. I said "no, but send me enough of Silke-Alpaca in pink" - and she did.

The variegated yarn on the right is Juvel by Idena, straight from Linköping, accompanied by a necklace not pictured here. Now, what do these yarns want to be? They haven't talked to me yet, but the colours are so nice that I think soon they'll sing like a bird. Do you think 300 g would be enough for Clapotis?

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