01.01.2007 | 18:52

Statistics, those boring numbers

Happy 2007 to all of you!

The year can only get more interesting as I plan to start it with some numbers straight from the web server's statistics service.

Last year the whole katajala.net web site including Jussi and the cat's pages as well as the wedding pages and my pages had an average of 1296 visitors per day - in 2005 the average was 827. Thanks to Jussi's pages on medieval times, the most used search word each month was keskiaika (medieval era/age), about 1500-2500 searches per month.

Here's a very, very, very very very fine chart I just made that shows some statistics for some of my pages (isn't this much more interesting when you see a chart?). As opposed to the whole site, it's not possible to see the visitors for individual pages, but you can see the amount of page loads.


Dark blue - blog
Magenta - main knitting page
Yellow - links to Finnish knitting pages
Cyan - knitting glossary

The numbers on the left show the amount of page loads per month and the numbers at the bottom represent the months.

No surprise, my blog is the most popular section on my knitting pages. The number of page loads ranges from 12277 (July) to 22270 (November), the average being 16457 page loads per month.

My main knitting page is also surprisingly popular even though nothing happens there. I also dug out the statistics for the links page and the glossary page just out of curiosity, and they both had quite many page loads as well. The only thing that caught my eye was that the number of page loads on my links page varies a lot: from 1429 (May) to 7789 (November).

You, my dear readers, were also active. You left approximately 700 comments last year! What can I say? Thank you! Let's hope this year is also a good knitting, blogging and knitblogging year.

Edit: corrected the terminology.

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