24.01.2007 | 21:09


I am stupid, I am stupid, I am stupid

Be careful when you wash non-Superwash wool. Do not trust your washing machine. No. If you do, you get a slightly fulled/felted cardigan.

It might look OK still but it is smaller. What's actually funny is that my colleague admired the cardigan and said it must be warm - now that I accidentally fulled the cardigan it's the right size for her! So, the cardigan got a new, good home.

New ideas

You could make i-cord this way, couldn't you?

Frankie says relax

Frank is doing OK. He's got another infection, but this time the vet injected the antibiotics and the effect should last two weeks. Frank has also changed his diet to liver and kidney supporting food. It means that we need to add an amino acid called methione to make the food more acid so that Frank does not get any more bladder stones.

Anyway, the pharmacy had good service and I'm also delighted on the way the vet handles Frank. Frank didn't even notice when he got the injection! (I still see the big "Caution!" text in his card at the previous vet...)

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