01.11.2006 | 15:35

Getting there

Here's the top and bolero twinset drying out. They look like a runway...

The twinset is knitted on 3.5 mm needles and it took all the 500 g of yarn I had. I could have used some more yarn but because I did not feel like buying just one more ball, this will do. I could have knitted edgings for the armholes and the bolero edging could have been a little wider but nevermind the could have beens...

What I'm happy of is that when I ripped off the old bolero edging and knitted a new one, I picked up more stitches so the edging was not as tight as it first was, and I also increased some stitches where the lower edge turned to the front pieces so the edging did not pull. Sometimes things can be simple.

Now, I'll just have to wait until the twinset is dry so I can weave in the few yarn ends that are still left.

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