17.09.2006 | 19:21

Things that change and things that don't

Jussi visited his mom and brought me a few fashion magazines from the 70's and 80's. In addition to dieting, make-up and hair care, there are things that never change.

(Muoti + Kauneus 06/1982)

Yep, girls want to be models. I wonder if using this might help and how this would compete with Clearasil and Garnier today...

(Muoti + Kauneus 03/1976)

...or if wearing these glasses would take you far? (No wonder they also advertise contact lenses.)

(Muoti + Kauneus 05/1975)

After all, we all know that we want to know if we're be ready for the next century (or millennium). I think that you could just replace the "80's" with "2000" in this test and recycle it as "Are you ready to be the woman of the new millennium".

(Muoti + Kauneus 02/1980)

You never know, you might also win a horse! Or, alternatively, lipsticks and nail polish, it's your choice.

(Muoti + Kauneus 04/1976)

However, there are things that do not change. Cabled knits always look good, you could take the "from the catwalks" section in any fashion magazine and replace it with another "from the catwalks" section from any other magazine from any other century and it would still look the same - and the traditional designs never go out of style. With small changes the sweater on the right (based on Karelian redwork embroidery patterns) would look great.

(Muoti + Kauneus 03/1976)

Also Takku and Merinosilk (from Ninni) never go out of style.

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