30.09.2006 | 16:55

Let's envy me

My dear, dear husband went on a business trip to Aachen, Germany last Thursday and just came back an hour ago (it's about 5 o'clock on Saturday now that I'm writing this). What can I say? Happy happy joy joy!

It's not only the excellent wok I had yesterday at a friend's place in an excellent company (while the cat's away yadda yadda, you know the drill) but the souvenirs I got. Look! Look! Feel free to envy me!

What can I say - that's what you get when your hubby's hotel is in a good place near the shopping streets. At the back there's still some Lindt milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts left and in the front there's the Godiva platinum collection which made me drool like mad only when I read a list of the contents. I think I'd be perfectly happy just by licking the sheet with the pictures of the chocolate. But no, you may not have my Godiva!

Oh, and yarn! They're from Görg & Görg. There's Golden Eagle's (I think) Alpaca (100% alpaca) in red and white and Lang Yarns Silkdream (50% merino wool, 50% silk) in burgundy. I think I'll knit scarves, there's not enough yarn for a sweater. But that's after I have finished fondling the chocolate.. and the yarn... and drooling over the chocolate... and the yarn... and smelling and licking the box of chocolates before I even get to open it... and smelling and licking the yarn... I mean... Ahem.

By the way, in the security check at the airport in Germany the guards thought that the box of Godiva chocolates might be a bomb! Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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