20.08.2006 | 22:17

It's a scarf! But it's crochet! And has beads!

I have been crocheting this every now and then. The yarn is from Texere Yarns, some very thin silk yarn that was on sale long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away... I mean on their web site.

I started with Solomon's knots and then I got bored and decided to continue with chain stich arches and to spice it up, I decided to add some beads also. So, I needed to buy the beads and small crochet hooks also, but the result is worth it. My master plan was to make one row of 7 stitches long arches, 2 rows of 9 stitch long, then 3 rows of 11 stitch long arches and to finish with 5 rows of 15 stitch long arches. I don't know if I ever managed to do that, but who cares.

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