06.06.2006 | 20:07

Hey, wait, I've got a new complaint

Who stole the beginning of June? Please report immediately at the nearest calendar.

I haven't done much. I think first carrying a new kitchen table up three floors to our place and then trying shooting (with a real gun) and later trying curling did not do good for my already tense shoulders. Nor did crocheting make it better. Oh, if you want to know (and even if you do not want to) I did not suck that much when shooting but I really sucked when curling. To prove that, I have a bruise the size of my palm on my knee. I fell quite many times...

But, here's a little something despite the fact that I've been lazy and tired and so on.

Everybody else is doing it so why don't I? KoolAid dyed yarn that used to be Novita 7 Veljestä. The colours/flavours used were... err.. lemon, tropical punch and two other pinkish colours. The white parts are... err... intentional. Now that I know the technique I will try this again but I cannot say that I'd be addicted to this.

A crochet scarf, Solomon's knots again. The yarn is Fyberspates Laceweight Mohair in colour Liquorice from Get Knitted sale bin. So far I have used maybe less than half of the 50 g hank.

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