13.05.2006 | 20:15



it's nice to meet you. I'm Marjut's Visa card. You must know me, I'm the poor thing that's dragged out of her wallet every time she sees something nice on the net.

I came here to ask for a favour. Could someone give me asylum? I promise I'll be good. I need some rest, I'm stressed. What, haven't you heard that also credit cards may get burn out?

See, for example the Yesasia web shop sells cute Japanese knitting books and now all deliveries are free until the end of June. I thought I was safe because she does not know any Japanese but no, she found the Crafting Japanese blog where she can read reviews of knitting books and copy the ISBNs and search for all pattern books and those cuter than cute amigurumi books... I've also seen her look at Amazon's Japanese site. Yikes!

That's not all, unfortunately. Celticove has a Noro sale: buy 3, get one free. The first yarn listed is Hana Silk. I can almost feel the touch of her sweaty hands as they approach me... Sigh.

Kangaroo, on the other hand, has Debbie Bliss yarns on sale and Yarnsmith seems to have a discount price for Rowan RYC Natural Silk Aran. Please, don't make me get started on Get Knitted bargains, please! I bet she'll soon puts that as the starting page in her web browser.

Lastly, a note to her employer and customer: could someone give her more work so that she won't spend all days on eBay?

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