25.05.2006 | 22:04

Bunnies strike again

Felted bunnies strike again, this time with a carrot!

This is another gift bunny. I knitted it from the leftovers of the Estonian wool yarn I used for the edging of out sofa throw, I just stuffed the bunny with the rest of the yarn and made him/her(?) really chubby. I felted the bunny first in 60 degrees for an hour at least and then in 90 degrees (poor thing) for 30 minutes but you can still see the stitches.

I also knitted a carrot for the bunny (it's i-cord with a tassel on top) because I realised a sweater would be too much to knit now. My shoulders really ache. Ouch! I've been to the doctor and I got some pills and some gel, hopefully they help. This is painful! I cannot knit! Ouch!

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