22.04.2006 | 18:56

Team spirit

I was on a team spirit building cruise to Stockholm from Thursday evening to Saturday morning. Before the cruise I made a deal: if my colleague goes to a yarn shop with me, we'll also go to a toy shop. It's a deal!

The achievements of the trip include walking past Ullcentrum on the way to the Science Fiction Bokhandel. We also walked past This Side Up.

Despite all that Anntorps Väv called to me. There Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Tweed was on sale, the few remaining colours were half the price. I left the black, blue and dark lilac yarns there but I took the pink and violet yarns with me. loput värit olivat puoleen hintaan (35 kruunua/vyyhti). In addition to those I bought some Deeba Silk yarn which was expensive (sigh) but the skein just stuck in my hand. I couldn't put it away. 100% silk tends to do that to you.

I also surprised myself by discussing quite fluently the dye job of a cotton-silk blend yarn in Swedish. There was a lovely scarf on the desk in the shop and of course I had to ask what yarn it was. I also wrote all SMS messages in Swedish, even those I sent to Jussi.

New experiences on Drottningsgatan were Yllet and Pralinhuset. I did not buy anything from Yllet, though they had their own wool and linen yarns available as well as Madil's Full, some tweed yarn ans Kid Seta.

Pralinhuset then had a lot of different Belgian chocolates. Yum. Belgian chocolates... I bought some dark chili and Highland whisky chocolate for Jussi. It was interesting... But, we haven't got to the hazelnut chocolate yet.

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