08.02.2006 | 11:25

Yarn shopping (an outsider's view)

My colleague Hema and I went yarn shopping yesterday. Originally I had planned a trip to two shops: first to Menita which is probably the biggest and best yarn shop around here and then to Sypressi in Kiseleffin basaari. We just happened to spend almost 1,5 hours in Menita so we never made it to Sypressi.

Hema will be a great knitter, now she showed how talented she is in buying yarn! Let's hope that her scarf of red and black Rustica will turn out fine as well as the sweater she planned to make of Schoeller & Stahls Big Ball.

We also took a quick look to the Finnish yarns and saw the Novita section in the close-by department store Anttila. We agreed that the orange and pink colours were lovely. It was fun! So much fun!

From the knitting front nothing much. I started a throw from thick wool yarn. It'll have white, brown and reddish brown stripes. I kake 22 stitches wide stripes and use one 100 g ball for each stripe. Now the first one is ready. There will be pictures later.

I also have a Plan B: if I do not manage to make a throw, at least I'll have a lot of scarves.

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