16.02.2006 | 20:49

To keep me warm

I've been knitting an afghan or a throw for our sofa. We had a lovely woollen red throw (my grandmother had woven it) but due to cat-related incidents we had to wash it and it shrunk. In 30 degrees, wool cycle!

I realised I have thick wool yarns of which I'll never make a sweater, so I could make a throw instead. I cast on 22 stitches and decided to knit until I run out of yarn from that skein (I have 100 g skeins). The time of realisations was not over as I also realised that I'd better make the throw out of big pieces, otherwise I would never finish it. I asked Jussi and he said stripes would be OK, so I went for stripes instead of big squares.

I've tried different simple patterns: seed stitch, knit and purl squares, diagonal stripes... I did experiment a little (quite lamely) with the brown yarn and made different easy cables.

I still have a lot of knitting ahead...

But, do you know what? Yesterday I taught my colleague Hema to crochet and she learned it also really fast!

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