27.02.2006 | 21:11

I would tell you about Vilnius, but...

Last weekend we traveled to Vilnius, Lithuania. That now concludes out tour of the Baltic capitals.

However, the night before we left Frank the Cat got ill with urinary problems and we had to take him to the vet. He was taken in to intensive care for the night because the blood test showed some alarming results. I was already ready to stay home but luckily to Jussi our neighbours promised to get Frank home and look after him (and Mini & Maxi) when we're away.

So, now I have to keep on eye on the cat and see how the poor thing is doing. I cannot think of anything else but his well-being now.

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Kommentit - Comments

Thanks! Frank seems to be getting better now. Luckily!

aaww poor Frank! I hope he gets well soon!