18.01.2006 | 19:15

Stranger than fiction

There's a meme on the move and Heli passed it to me. The idea is to list five of your strange habits and then pass the meme on to five people. I'll skip that, though, but if you want to do this, go ahead!

Many of my strange habits I share with other people so they aren't that strange after all. I even asked Jussi but it was a bit hard to come up with five new things - I wanted to tell something new instead of just going "me too, me too". So, here they come:

1. E-mail: when I turn on the computer at work, I always have to start Outlook first so its button-icon-whatever is the leftmost one in the Windows task bar.

2. Grammar errors: whenever I see one in magazines, ads, books etc., I have to comment on it, correct it and complain. This happens even if I have already commented on the very same mistake a hundred times before.

3. Compulsive actions: some situations make me do the same thing over and over again. For example, whenever I hear the song Dream On by Aerosmith I have to go "dang dang" because a friend once called the song the best dang dang song ever because of the guitars. If I travel by boat I have at least to suggest that we go and shout "I am the king of the world!" (You have seen Titanic, haven't you?) Also, I keep on telling engineer jokes...

4. Maxi's tummy: whenever Maxi lays in this typical way on his back on the sofa, on the bed or in some other place, I have to say "oh, he's so cute", take a photo (thanks for digital cameras as I do have a lot of photos of Maxi now!) and scratch his tummy. This also applies to Mini and Frank if they happen to lay on their back.

5. Frank the Bunny: I call Frank with the nickname Pupuli which means Bunny. This I got from a cat cartoon book, in one cartoon a lady sweet talked to her cat.

(PS. I thought of one more strange habit: I do not want to eat flounder / flat-fish because it is so... ahem... flat. It makes the fish... ahem... fishy and dubious.)

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