05.12.2005 | 19:57

The last of the knitted donations (or are they?)

These are among the last of the knitted donations. There could be some more on the way, I cannot remember... But these are some of the last ones anyway. If only I could figure out who sent and what...

These socks came last Thursday from Jaana of Mehiläisiä & hunajaa. Thank you! I'm sorry it took long to say thank you but the warmer are these thanks.

Helena from Vammala and her mother-in-law Leena sent this cap and these mittens. Helena has knitted the cap and Leena knitted the lovely mittens. (By the way, it's good to have a mother-in-law called Leena, I think Jussi thinks so, too...) Thank you very much to both of you!

Katja of Vikatikkejä sent these cute caps and a funny card. The caps look so warm and soft! Thank you so much!

Last but not least, a mystery donation once again from Helsinki. Thank you, whoever you are! The socks and mittens are adorable.

I've tried to search my mail and see who have asked for my address but who I have not thanked yet. I got a mail from Katja saying that she sent four pairs of socks, so if you are one of the mystery donators, thank you very much!

These packets came from Merja alias Maddaleena from Artedaamit today. The knitted items were wrapped so beautifully that I was amazed. Too bad the cats got a little bit too interested, so I had to stop admiring the packets and put them away. Maybe I'll lock the cats in another room...?

What's inside? These pictures are courtesy of Merja.

Thank you to you all! It's been a true pleasure to see all the beautiful, warm, lovely, skillfully knitted items.

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