08.12.2005 | 20:59

The Knitting on a Bus Challenge

I decided to make some use of the bus travel and continued Christmas gift knitting. This is a scarf of Hjertegarn Rivi. It continues vaguely the "gifts named after their receivers" theme. The pattern is known as the birch leave and it's been used, for example in Rowan's Birch- shawl, so you can conclude that my colleague who gets this must have a birch-related name. In the picture also the Navy Seal I got on the trip to Visby few years back. He likes to hang out near the computer.

The bus trip to work is not long. It takes more or less the same time as it takes to knit one row of motifs for this scarf, that is, I can finish one row of diamonds during thre trip. I thought I could make a timer of it: if I knitted a row of diamonds and then got off the bus, where would I be? (Not far, I can tell you.)

But how could you make knitting on a bus more interesting? For example, like this...

1. Do you get a seat? If you do, can you sit alone
a) all of the time
b) part of the time?

2. If you had to sit next to someone, does it bother you
a) not at all
b) a little, for example, the other person wants to get off the bus
c) a lot, because that person thinks his/her right is to take half of your seat as well
d) not at all, because the other person is also a knitter and you talk of Addis all the way
e) not at all, because the other person seems to be an interesting member of the opposite (or same, whatever you prefer) sex and you decide to make the first move by "accidentally" poking him/her with your needle and uttering the pick-up line "you would look so good in the thong I could knit for you"?

3. How long can you actually knit?
a) The bus stops at each traffic lights and you realise you really appreciate the so called "red wave"
b) The driver pushes the pedal to the metal and you realise you came to work fifteen minutes early.

4. How long do you dare to knit?
a) I finish nicely a few bus stops on a wrong side row so that the stitches do not fall of and it's nice to continue from the right side row.
b) I can finish one more row even though my bus stop is in sight - and I can finish the following row when I walk from the bus stop to work and one more row when the computer starts and...

And so on.

Here's the Faroese scarf. I have not measured it, but the same cat from yesterday is included again for scale (in fact he wanted to chew yarn) and also featured in the picture are my whole 164 cms of height.

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